Textile recycling

HAMK University of Applied Sciences has been working with recycling textiles since 2009. We consider textile waste as textiles no longer used for their original purpose, such as clothing, bedding, rugs, belts, bags and shoes. The study (2010) revealed that each year in Finland about 90,000,000 kg of valuable textile materials find their way onto rubbish tips (from both industry and commerce), which is the equivalent to 17 kilogrammes per capita. This was the starting point for our textile recycling operations and since then we have contributed to textile recycling in a variety of projects.

  • Veeniks innovation competition; idea for textile recycling research (2009)
  • The preliminary study of textile recycling in Finland (2010-2011)
  • The fibre research together with Forssa Region Development Centre (2010)
  • Building network for textile recycling (2011-2012)
  • Textile waste management project in Humppila municipality (2012)
  • Innovative workshops for new business ideas for waste textiles (2013)
  • Texjate research about the possibilities and threats of use of waste textiles together with, Finnish Environment Institute, Consumer Society Research Centre and UFF (2013-2015)
  • Texvex material banks with Forssa and Loimaa municipalities as well as the Service Foundation for the Deaf in Hämeenlinna (2013 – all continues)
  • Building new textile pilots in Alueelliset järkivihreät innovaatiot -project (2015-2017)

For further information please contact:
Kirsi Sippola, Regional Development Manager, + 358 50 574 4555 (kirsi.sippola@hamk.fi)
Laura Vainio, Project Manager, +358 50 574 4555 (laura.vainio@hamk.fi)

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In co-operation with the Finnish Association of Textile Waste
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